Moore law

Building a professional yet friendly brand for a lawyer who listens.

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Being a lawyer is about helping people who need help. Tommy is an advocate for the people. A real blue collar lawyer that listens to his clients and works to understand their needs. Never one to always look for the easy way out, Tommy is not afraid to go to trial and make a stand for his clients. Tommy prides himself on zealous advocacy. He vows to represent people with the compassion, determination, knowledge and skill they deserve.

With this in mind, the client and I were able to develop a successful​ brand aesthetic that reflects the nature of Moore Law. Redesign

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Bernie Sez, created in 2013 by a lawyer in North Carolina, is one of several legal bidding services. The web app is an auction-style app where consumers upload a photo of their traffic ticket and lawyers from several states bid to represent the client. The attorneys can’t see bids made by other lawyers. Attorneys pay a small fee to be members on the site.

East Carolina University – Desegregation Website

Creating a responsive, parallax website to help teach people how the walls of segregation came down.

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East Carolina is located in a small city in Eastern North Carolina. Like other shcools in the south, ECU was for whites only when it was established in 1907. Also like other schools in the south, ECU went through a long process to include other races. This website was created to document ECU’s long road to desegregation.

Atlantic Coast Communications

Brand development for a broadcast company.

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Atlantic Coast Communications wanted to update their site using the stable WordPress platform. They needed a custom, user-friendly site that reflected their offerings and mission. Working closely with their team to understand what they offered and what they wanted to do, I was able to design a better workflow in a responsive site. In addition to the site, I updated their brand with a new logo, color scheme and typefaces – which I provided to them in a brand guide pdf.

Marabella Old World Pizza

A growing pizzeria company is looking to expand their reach and brand.

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Old world pizza is authentic Italian pizza and Marabella wants to spread the word, and the love. Born in Sicily before moving to New York, Sal and Massimo know pizza. They learned the family business from a young age. After opening a successful location, the brothers quickly expanded to several other stores. With a proven model, they’re looking to expand even further. and this includes a new look and feel for the brand.

Sound Partners

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Sound Partners forge long-term, mutually beneficial relationships by listening to our clients goals, educating them on alternatives, and coordinating with their other advisors.
The name Sound Partners has multiple meanings. The business formed and mainly operates in Eastern North Carolina near a coastline that has a large sound, a relatively narrow channel between a series of islands and the mainland. We also want to invoke the financially safe or stable sense of the word as well.